Step-by-step tutorials
Melon Laces | Light tan 3-Hoop Base | Tutorial

This tutorial shows how effective our accessories can be in creating outstanding looks for your FARO sandals. Our metal rings give you an additional edge in all your modern and elegant styles. Our suggestion: opt for wooden rings when creating soft and romantic summer looks.

Marine Blue Laces | Light Tan 5-Hoop Base | Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to find out how to create a simple, but captivating look using a 5-hoop base paired with long laces and rings of your choice. Our tip: add a ring to each crossing of your laces along the leg to add more dimension when needed.

Delaware Laces | Light Tan 3-Hoop Base | Tutorial

You're short on time but not willing to compromise your style? This tutorial shows a gorgeous, yet a super-simple way to style your 3-hoop base and long laces. Pick your favorite color or pattern and lace your way to an eye-catching look.

Beige Laces | Light Tan 5-Hoop Base | Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to create an eye-catching, urban look using our 5-hoop base, extra-long laces, and a pair of wooden rings. The thicker-style lacing around your feet provides additional support, perfect for long summer getaways.




I loved the idea of having so many styling choices with just one pair of sandals; they perfectly match so many different outfits, and I always enjoy picking new laces for different occasions.

Ana Petrovic


I was pleasantly surprised with the level of comfort these sandals provide. All the components feel super soft on the skin and I don't mind wearing them when going out for long walks.

Giulia Bianchi


FARO sandals have made my traveling life so much easier; I can put the bases and several different laces in my backpack and skip the worry over not having stylish shoes - or enough space in my suitcase.

Valeria Rodriguez


I typically stick to neutral shades of laces, but I have them in all different lengths. Each pair of laces can give so many different looks - especially when you pair them with the rings.

Jennifer Lori