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Sunset Ready-Made

Sunset Ready-Made

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Sunset is a delicate, boho ready-made bundle. An iconic summer style made for all bohemian souls. Whether you’re on vacation or in the city, it’ll complement nearly any outfit in your summer wardrobe. They’re an effortless choice for caftans or your staple jean shorts.

Inspired by the red summer sunset sky, the combination of a dark tan 5-hoop base, the red and cream pattern of our Pomona medium-length laces, and a pair of big wooden rings adds a stylish touch to all your summer outfits.

Bases are made from memory foam like rubber foam, ultra-light and comfortable, while the laces are made from a soft elastic fabric that will gently but securely hug your skin and stay in place without cutting into it. Super easy to maintain, compact and lightweight, Faro sandals are excellent for travel and everyday wear.

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I was pleasantly surprised with the level of comfort these sandals provide. All the components feel super soft on the skin and I don't mind wearing them when going out for long walks.

Giulia Bianchi


I loved the idea of having so many styling choices with just one pair of sandals; they perfectly match so many different outfits, and I always enjoy picking new laces for different occasions.

Ana Petrovic


I loved seeing these sandals on my friend, but I was a bit hesitant regarding the lacing process. However, when I tried doing it myself it all made sense - I now get creative and come up with new lacing styles.

Chloé Martin


FARO sandals have made my traveling life so much easier; I can put the bases and several different laces in my backpack and skip the worry over not having stylish shoes - or enough space in my suitcase.

Valeria Rodriguez