Created for a free-spirited wanderlust who is chasing the sun around our beautiful planet. Faro means lighthouse in Spanish and it perfectly encompasses what we stand for –  freedom, strength, uniqueness, and infinity. 

Infusing the endless summer, its long warm days and lively nights, playful colors, the sea, sand, and sun in every model we make, we want to encourage you to express your style freely and live life on your terms. Faro is your way to be yourself. 

Various laces and accessories of Faro sandals are easily combined with your everyday and evening apparel, adding a cool and contemporary twist to your summer outfits.

Light and versatile, Faro sandals will become your preferred travel partner in your pursuit of an endless summer.


Since our mission is to encourage you to get innovative with different ways of wearing Faro sandals, we would love for you to share your creations and unique lacing style with us! To get your lacing method featured on our website & social media - with your name on it! - all you have to do is submit a short video of the original way you lace up & style your Faro sandals on the link below.




When the FARO idea was born, quality was our number one priority. We wanted to show there shouldn't be compromising between supreme design, premium quality, and undeniable comfort - we wanted and made it all!


Not a single day passes without us facing a decision known as which shoes should I wear today. FARO sandals bring countless possibilities for you to choose from, leaving you more time to live your life to the fullest. Moreover, packing our bases and laces requires no more than your suitcase pocket, leaving you more room for all those outfits!


While developing the FARO design, we had one important thing in mind - beautiful aesthetics for any occasion. With that in mind, we took the time to carefully design bases and laces that will comply with your every taste, mood, and styling.


There was no compromising regarding the materials our sandals are made from; we are devoted to using only the highest quality materials that are both comfortable and durable. Our goal is to support you on endless walks and adventures around the globe.




I loved seeing these sandals on my friend, but I was a bit hesitant regarding the lacing process. However, when I tried doing it myself it all made sense - I now get creative and come up with new lacing styles.

Chloé Martin


I typically stick to neutral shades of laces, but I have them in all different lengths. Each pair of laces can give so many different looks - especially when you pair them with the rings.

Jennifer Lori


FARO sandals have made my traveling life so much easier; I can put the bases and several different laces in my backpack and skip the worry over not having stylish shoes - or enough space in my suitcase.

Valeria Rodriguez


I was pleasantly surprised with the level of comfort these sandals provide. All the components feel super soft on the skin and I don't mind wearing them when going out for long walks.

Giulia Bianchi